Thursday, January 03, 2013

Scott Sterling is Dead

Scott Sterling is dead. You know the name. Daddy is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and a major LA real estate player. For years, Sterling has been a joke in the NBA as the moronic owner of the inept San Diego Clippers who made their way north and competed with the Lakers for fans while playing at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Since sharing Staples with the Lakers, the Clipper fortunes have soared and since drafting Blake Griffin and acquiring Chris Paul, the Clippers have become one of the best teams in the NBA. And up to a few days ago, the Clips were making Donald a mighty happy man. In December, the Clippers closed out the year by becoming only the 3rd team in NBA history to have an undefeated month. Then they ran into the Nuggets and their skein was stopped at 17. The next day the younger Sterling was found dead at his Malibu apartment. The apartment building owned by one Donald Sterling. The preliminary finding: drug overdose, I am so tired of celebs who have miserable parenting skills. You say there is no guarantee when raising kids? I say RUBBISH! It is all about balance. Donald Sterling self-promotes himself constantly in papers, such as the Los Angeles Times by taking ads out which shows him being honored for his charitable deeds while building a business empire. And at home his son is preparing to die. NFL coach Andy Reid just completed 14 seasons, many of them successful for the Philadelphia Eagles. At home his sons made other headlines leading to drugs, jail and death. Michel Douglas spent a good part of his career throwing his never at home father, Kirk, under the bus. Yet Michael’s son Eric was the one who became a cocaine addict and now is doing heavy jail time. I have a son and a daughter. Scott is 35 and Lindsey is 20. There has never been a single day in their lives have I worried about them falling off the personal cliif of drugs, smoking or booze. Why is that? Because my wife and I did an amazing job with them. As have millions of non-celebrity parents across America. We are the true celebrities. And dammit! If it sounds like I am bragging…. You bet your ass I am. So damned proud….!

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