Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Catching up with Kupcake

Kupcake—Are you awake? The last time we left Mitch Kupcake he was so soft he was caving in as Jimmy gave him a Buss on the cheek and told him to give Mike No D a 4 year contract, that after having sick daddy eat the remainder of WTF Mike Brown get paid for the next few year to watch his kid play basketball—in high school! So the Lakers have continued to suck once hipster Mike has taken over and PJ is still nowhere to be seen, tapping Jeannie, night after night, while the Lakers are seen wall to wall on Time Warner(Andy is cute), but failed to show up at Staples. The latest blunder on New Year’s night against the 76ers, who have been doormats since the days of Iverson, Barkley, Erving and Chamberlain. Kupcake needs to make a move, but the GM has been as soft as a Carvel Brown Bonnet. From the days I played against him when I was at South Huntington High and he was a geek at Brentwood High in Long Island, but he is still a geek and as soft as a warm pretzel. So Kupcake comes to me last night in a dream and says: “Steve, what should I do?” And of course I tell him. “Trade Gasol for Amare!” I add. “Fire the imitation Hitler and hire PJ before he heads to Brooklyn and helps them win a championship!” Kupcake looks at me with those doe eyes. “Maybe I can trade Gasol. Jimmy hates him anyway.” He shrugs his broad shoulders. He continues: “I wish Zeke (Jerry West) was still here---I could sleep at night and leave the worrying to him---sort of like the Greyhound slogan. About this time---it appeared to me that Kupcake was willing to get on that Greyhound bus---heading anywhere as long as it was out of LA!

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