Monday, January 07, 2013

Layered Thinking

On 60 minutes, a story focused on “layered” thinking, a philosophy I have mentored in my classes and one-one mentoring for years. It has to do with having an idea and then someone picks ip on your idea and builds on it, until a small idea turns into a big idea. The piece restricted itself to this type of thinking, but I personalize it. Rather than considering others building on your idea, I believe the breakthrough is to realize that you are doing your own layered thinking. Through the beauty of the power of visualization (see my book Gift To My Dad ---Amazon) your original ideas accrue with each passing day. What you think about today might seem like a great idea, but by the late morning, it might seem like less than the impact idea it promised to be in the morning. By realizing that you are constructing layered ideas, you realize that quite likely a more refined idea will show up soon to make that original idea a true gem.

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