Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Mentor You to Write Your Book

1. There is no story quite like your story. Leave your legacy by writing a book. I have written several books, but my signature book is the one I wrote about my dad, Gift To My Dad, available from Amazon. I like what Amazon does where you can read a few pages of my book (and maybe someday a few pages from yours) FREE before you make a decision to buy. As I explain in my one man show Baby Boomers, my father was a suffocating force in my life. These days I call him THE WARDEN. I equate my first 18 years in life to those of a prison sentence. You think that is far-fetched? Consider when I traveled as a small boy with my parents to his sister’s house in the Bronx. My Aunt Eve lived there with her husband, my Uncle Jack and my grandfather Louis, my dad’s father. It was a scene I will never forget. The yelling that went on in those conversations were something a little boy never forgets. My Uncle Jack pulled me aside. “You are so thin. You are wasting away. Please, tell us. Are they feeding you?” Can you imagine your uncle begging you to rat out your parents—the people who in a few short hours will be taking you home---back to jail?

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