Monday, January 28, 2013


I get paid to watch movies. Hey, it’s a tough gig, but I do it because I care. Let’s take today for example. In about 2 hours, I will put my daily writing aside (like this piece) and begin my second multi-mile hike of the day (I did 4 miles at 4AM) and I will plop down in downtown San Diego to see one of the surprises of this award season. That would be Argo. Come along with me. David Klawans is a name I have been hearing lately and if you love film, as I do, you will hear about him soon as well. Film producers are visualizers and I write (GIFT TO MY DAD---AMAZON) and teach visualization to students worldwide. I teach my students to think in movies and when they are comfortable in thinking in movies, then they can sit down and write what they just saw in the movie in their mind. The result is a story that an independent film producer would like to hear more about. And that is where David comes in and for that matter, so do I. So, are you ready to travel to San Diego with me? You can sit next to me in the front row---pass the popcorn. It was a chilly day downtown in the most amazing city in America. I ran into some rain in the walk to the train and I found myself admonishing San Diego as in “Enough!” I liked Argot, including the movie signature line: “Are go blank yourself!” Ben Affleck was special in the movie, so special, I had no idea he was in it until they rolled the credits. Damn dementia. I reserve movies that make me laugh, cry and think as Oscar worthy movies. You will love it and if you don’t, movies might not be your thing. What was the real nugget from this screening day is what happened on the walk home. You will have to come back here for that one. I get up at 4AM. What about you?

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