Sunday, December 09, 2012

Want To Be Part of My Team?

I have been writing about entrepreneurs since I wrote Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself in 1982. My ability to attract followers compounded by a team of writers who join me in bringing attention to my client entrepreneurs makes me very popular in social media. I will give an entrepreneur a sample of my writing so they can get a glimpse of what impact my following will have on their business. I remind entrepreneurs that promoting them is a process. That is why my fee covers my team and a full year of promotional posts. And I ask my clients to communicate with me throughout the year, so I can adjust the message and keep it current. For your consideration: I get to meet some incredible entrepreneurs such as Tim Darnell from Allen, Texas. You will be hearing more about this star soon. If you are fortunate enough to have him mentor you in business, it will be like having your own personal professor. And so it goes. From the millions of entrepreneurs who are seeking to be seen in social media, I provide another voice and my words often lead to someone who reaches out for contact. When you add the power of team members duplicating my efforts, you have more than a voice. You have a chorus. Want to be part of my team?

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