Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I fell in love with Ruth in Florida and I have dined there in Phoenix at both locations and it is one of the first of the major chains which located to San Diego as the city began to grow. Located outside the ballpark district, Ruth is on the harbor, about a mile from the airport. I fell in love with the steak at the first sight. In my salad days, I took the wardens to eat there. Why? I am still asking myself that question. My add (see my book Gift To My Dad (Amazon) had a classic line when I asked him what it was like to eat one of the most expensive steaks in America. He looked at me with a mouthful of food, slivers hanging out from his drooling lips. “I can get this crap at Sizzler.” Yes, the wardens would haunt me until their death and I am not so sure their ghosts haven’t left me today.

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