Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Steak

So I have been asked to do an article on steak. One of my favorite subjects. What is your favorite steak experience? I have loved steak since my first good one. That must have been at Macs when I was in college. I went looking for Macs on the web and all I could find was. MCCLUSKEY'S STEAK HOUSE, 157 SUNRISE HWY, BELLMORE, NY, back in the day was the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Back in the day must mean not today. Seems like Macs was another victim of the big boy (and I am not talking Bob) steak chains taking over. Now I found Macs because I and the Dean’s list like all the time at college at Hofstra and my parents, formerly known as my wardens from ages 0-18, felt guilty and wanted to show me their love. It didn’t work, but I did love the steak. Over the years, I brought my girlfriends of the month to Macs and set my sights on leaving the dismal weather of New York. First stop was Miami and a tropical lifestyle. It was in Miami where I found the Palm which is an excellent place to start this story.

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