Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chapter 3: Just Call Him Moron

Just call him moron. I can’t quite figure out this Girardi fellow. The panic he spreads managing a baseball game is a practically maniacal. He sticks with players whose bats have grown as cold as the approaching winter, but chooses to punish a HOF in Alex Rodriguez as if he is a little child. After the captain went down in game one, his panic took on new levels. Now he is treating Alex like a scrub bench player and inserting Gardener who should never have even been on the playoff roster to begin with and Chavez whose error at 3B cost the yanks the game tonight and still doesn’t have a hit in the series. He gives a rousing speech how Jeter will continue with his mere presence to cheerlead his team, obviously not knowing that Jeter had other plans. He has a chance to invigorate the Yankees by moving Alex back to SS, but chooses to go with Jayson Nix, who inspires no one. Alex is passed over still again. On 3 separate occasions, Girardi has pinch hit for one of the most feared sluggers in baseball history (Girardi himself was a lousy hitter, only known for his defense and leadership) and has benched him twice in the most important games of his life. And the most ridiculous thing is that Alex has hit the ball hard in recent at bats, certainly as well or better than many of the struggling Yankees. Finally, with the game on the line tonight and the Yankees, pulling to within a run, he lets Raoul hit against a tough lefty when he has Alex on the bench. Yes, I know Raoul has become a mythical hero this series, but he has long since cooled off and Girardi would never have let him hit in this situation during the 162 game season. The man has become a moron and I will take it a step further. Alex doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he has this postseason and he won’t forget this. His relationship with Girardi is irreparable and one of them will end their association with the Yankees. Most likely, as soon as tomorrow, the pain and all the second guessing will be over.

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