Saturday, September 22, 2012

Focus Again on Masterminds

As a CPA and writer, I have masterminded consulting groups for 40 years. I am looking for those who want to join a consulting group of masterminds nationwide who use my system to generate marketing clients and continuous cash flow. The clients we target are small business owners who are struggling for ideas to increase their revenue. We are that idea bank. Respond only if you are highly entrepreneurial, no longer want a boss and like the strength of dealing with those who share your values. This is how one of my masterminds over the years has defined us. A masterful thinking partner becomes your ultimate business collaborator. They don't own equity. They may or may not share profits. But they serve as a unique combination of advisor/teacher/guide/muse/sword-and-shield/problem-solver/strategist/rainmaker/positioning-"forger," reality checker - and loads more, just for starters. It really represents the ultimate business super asset! A true "Masterful Thinking Partner" is far more than a coach, far different than a short-term specialty consultant. He or she is a combination mentor/maven/munificent sounding board. They're a "font" of near-infinite wisdom, a source of answers, solutions, possibilities, failure-avoidance. They're a protector, a performance enhancer and a maximizer, opportunity achiever...and much, much more. A masterful thinking partner literally helps you think through issues, scenarios, problems, practical situational scenarios you and your business face right now, tomorrow and into the future. They hold you accountable, they challenge your thinking, they are an early warning system. They are your own private futurists. They are your beacon of clarity. They are your moral compass. They are your source of new ideas. They are your connection to breakthrough ideas. Interestingly, there are many world-famous examples of thinking partners producing masterful achievements together in a wide spectrum of fields: • Barnard Branch, the counselor to the great wealthy in the 1920's • Peter Drucker, the mammoth "brain trust" to the captains of modern-day business • W. Edwards Deming, the "Father of Optimization"

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