Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Didn't Divorce My Mother-in-Law

I Didn’t Divorce My Mother-In-Law She is 91 and still kicking. When I was asking for her daughter’s hand in marriage after only knowing her 19 year old for 5 days, she wasn’t even willing to look at me. When I mentioned the word MARRIAGE, her eyes lit up as if I had promised her space travel. She boycotted my son’s Jewish circumcision ceremony because she didn’t care for the guest list. She threatened never to speak to us again if we didn’t name the baby JESSE. We didn’t. She has moved over 100 times since I have known her and has more clothes than most small nations. Once she moved 10 times in the same apartment building. At first, she said she wanted to make a change. When it got ridiculous, she became ridiculous. She complained that toxic air was coming from the air conditioning vents. If she is invited to a restaurant, she will arrive early and order. She will often be at dessert while you are pulling into the parking lot. She makes no excuses for her behavior. She is not on speaking terms with most in her family. She could care less about that as well. She goes on kicking because she has a zest for life and a firm belief in herself. She is one of those who you meet in your lifetime and will never forget. She is my mother-in-law and no one will ever share that title.

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