Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Chip Hilton Story With a Twist

Soapy Smith could only watch while Dr. Rock completed his examination and went downstairs to share confidential information with his mother. He just knew that the news wouldn’t be good. Sure enough, his mom cracked open the door a bit later and put on her best smile for him. He loved her so much and knew that this condition of his was greatly troubling. Her father had suffered a fatal heart attack when she was Soapy’s age and then, out of the blue, Soapy,’s dad, died of a heart attack at 39. Now, Soapy had been diagnosed with an irregular heart beat and his mom was being extra diligent. What does it mean, mom? His mom stroked his hair the way only a mom can comfort her son. It means I am going to be taking care of you for a bit.

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