Friday, June 08, 2012


Pedantic pe•dan•tic/pəˈdantik/ Adjective: Of or like a pedant. Synonyms: punctilious - donnish - priggish - meticulous If you are reading the suggested cluster of books which will bolster your visualization tools as you add words to your vocabulary base, pictures are coming to mind. 1. GIFT TO MY DAD (Tarde…Amazon) 2. Creative Visualization (Gawain) 3. Directing The Motion Pictures of Your Mind (Bry) 4. Peak Performance for Athletes (Ungerleider) When you select a word such as PEDANTIC, you add a cluster of words at the same time. Maybe you see a picture in your mind of that overbearing teacher who was so interested in making a point that the point was buried in her instructor mode.

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