Thursday, May 31, 2012

Words 91-100

91. Alacrity Those who really want to make a change in American education, approach my FORMULA with alacrity. 92. Tenuous You had a tenuous grasp of words using the dictionary, but the FORMULA is a whole different ball game. 93. You are adding words so don’t stop now. Surreptitious, Clandestine, arcane. You are now on your way. 94. Obstreperous The unruly student will fit the picture. Before I began teaching in the south Bronx, I had seen students throw chairs, but not standing on their desks. There are all levels of obstreperous students and a teacher on a journey will find them. 95. Erudite One great result of my writing and the expansion of the FORMULA is that I am celebrating the joy of learning with so many. To become erudite is the most worthy of all goals and your extraordinary vocabulary is the ground floor for such learning 96. Arcane Mysterious, obscure, your word list grows. 97. Pedantic One whose manner is like a teacher and not in a complimentary way. 98. Impeccable In tidiness, no other word quite fits 99. Gratuitous Remember the last situation in your life where something was better left not said? A gratuitous remark can make things markedly wore faster than ever imagined. 100. Indolent Our rebellious youth 101. Visualization

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