Saturday, May 12, 2012

Words 34-36

34. Optician You can’t have an extraordinary vocabulary if you have no idea what certain basic medical terms mean. For example, you should know that your optician is there to fit you for glasses, but they didn’t attend medical school as dis your ophthalmologist. I discovered when teaching high school that many of my students didn’t have a clue between the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Those with extraordinary vocabularies do. Do you? Time out with Steve. We are now 33% through the course. I hope you are thinking along with me and those who first took this course 30 years ago just why this course can change American education. Even though, you are being taught a formula which will provide you with an Ivy League formula and can help a student land a place at any college in America, we are talking philosophy here. We are saying that teaching a word acquisition system such as mine is a wonderful thing, but unless you use these words to become a leader in your life, what’s the point. I want you to be the one who not only refuses to ever drink and drive, I want you to speak out against drinking and driving. It is not enough to think mentoring is a good idea. I want you to become a mentor. It is not enough to believe in a balanced diet and fighting obesity in America. I urge you to speak out about what one can do to reverse this fact. It is said that there are three types of people in this world. Those that make things happen. Those that watch things happen. And those that say. “What just happened?” What will be the purpose of your life? When you are on that path, watch out. You will lead an extraordinary life. 35. Optometrist If your optometrist gives you an eye exam, are they a doctor? Yes, but not a medical doctor. Why should you be aware of such things? These professionals will be part of your lives and those you love for the rest of your life. Your own choices for treatment and care will only improve I you know what they have studied. Steve’s Notes: Over the years, subtle changes began in the 100. I became more aware of what I liked and disliked in the educational system and my choice of words began to reflect that. For example, when I was hired by New York City to teach in the south Bronx in 1972, I was given an interesting assignment. Spanish teacher. It would have even been more exciting if I knew a word of Spanish. Welcome to the world of big city education, where the goal I found was less about the students and more about survival. I spent over a decade in combined public and private education. I came away with these observations. Why did educators fail so miserably at seeing the opportunity to teach Spanish nationwide when we were about to become a Spanish speaking nation? Why are subjects such as Respecting Women, Entrepreneurial Options, Income Taxes in America, The United States Constitution and Nutrition and You not introduced somewhere in a student’s 13 years in the public educational system? Why do we still have slums in America when political leaders wear tuxedos and drink champagne? Why is the American educational playing field so uneven? It was then that my 100 Words started changing because I wasn’t content in just asking these questions. I wanted answers. The Online Course However, I still have online spots open where you can study with me personally, learn my methods and perhaps, teach with me in the future. You need to act today and pay the course fee of $100 to my paypal account at Students began following me online as the Internet developed. It became legend that one of my students made 100 Million Dollars after studying with me. It will be up to you to judge whether you agree with my students who call me “the greatest ever.” Now, studying with me online you can see for yourself. 36. Misogynist 100 Words entered a new era in the late 1980’s. The great success I had in Miami was over as the school closed its doors once and for all in June, 1982. By the way, many of those very same students are coming online to reunite with me and take my course again, 30 years to the day. My study of the power of visualization intensified. In 1994, I became a hermit in Scottsdale, Arizona and broke in their new library reading everything ever published in the field. That summer, I added a PHD to my two undergrad degrees, my MBA and my CPA. This time I wasn’t paying tuition. I had discovered the purpose of my life in the desert. Start by getting a copy of Gift To My Dad (amazon) and our journey begins. The 100 Words were now reflecting social awareness. Could a man start to deal with control issues and reach a whole new respect level with women? Women. They were a changing!

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