Friday, May 11, 2012

Words 31-33 Plus the Great American Quiz

31. Procrastinate Finally, a word that is most likely in your vocabulary because we are always cautioned not to put off until tomorrow what we can do today. Are you Ready For a Classic? My Vocabulary Quizzes, as recounted in the story Monica, have quite a history. Here is one for you. Take mine and then prepare one of your own. Directions: Match the vocabulary word in the left column with the best choice ion the right column. 1.____procrastinate A what a kiln does to clay 2____perfidious B Lincoln meets Lady Ga Ga 3.____assiduous C rock concerts 4.____anachronism D Obama 5.____masticate E polygraph 6.____surreptitious F apple 7.____prevaricate G tomorrow 8.____obdurate H Oxford 9.____stentorian I Oklahoma City 10.____galvanize J mystery 32. Protract Sometimes the words fall right into your lap. Making a gesture with two hands and spreading the distance of your hands is a sign for extending or stretching the moment. It can also bring to mind PROTRACT. What is your picture? 33. Sedentary The awesome thing about my system in general and your extraordinary vocabulary specifically is that your word expansion can often cross cultural borders. Take the word sedentary for example. The dictionary definition provides you with an image which you can readily commit to mind. Let’s say you go with couch potato. What used to pass for just a comment on a lifestyle preference takes on a broader meaning with our national concern on obesity and nutrition. Therefore, we embrace such words such as obesity, herculean and corpulent as we digest sedentary. The student of vocabulary becomes more diligent when hearing subjects such as Alzheimer’s which has impacted society and deals with another segment of the sedentary population. Steve’s Notes: I designed my Vocabulary course to be so much more than a vocabulary course. Sure, it is about word acquisition which can lead to a most impressive word inventory. However, like Monica, it can help you confidently stand on your feet and advocate anything which is your passion. I have spent years pointing out to schools systems that they could greatly improve their course choices and their goals of superior student performance. The past forty years of seeing these so called visionaries miss the boat in making English and Spanish mandatory in the classroom, ignoring visualization skills and teaching the same tired courses year after year with the hope of getting better results, is as Tony Robbins would say, the definition of insanity. Still, I write and rattle cages. I want you to join me. ***************************************************** The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that as you become closer to your true purpose in life, add only the resources you need and jettison those you do not, you will meet with a pleasure not known to most.

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