Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Words 1-3

Over 100,000 students, including one who will soon be the richest man in America, have taken my personal vocabulary course in the past 40 years, since my first classroom in The south Bronx, New York City in 1972. Join us in taking the very same course which has led to a national mentoring project throughout America. I am always looking for great minds. Is yours one I should be aware of? http://steve-tarde.blogspot.com Is my vocabulary course a word course, personal growth course, confidence course, writing course, power of attraction course? The answer to the questions above would be YES! Since I first taught this course in the hardscrabble slums of New York City forty years ago, my course has changed as America has changed. So everyone will find something of interest in the month long online lessons. Just as importantly, when the lessons stop, the mentoring continues and you will have the opportunity to extend your study with me personally or one of my leading mentors around the country. **************************************************** It’s not an embarrassment to be on food stamps in three states as you follow your passion or be evicted more times than the New York Metropolitans have World Series titles (2). However, it is an embarrassment to quit and stop trying to discover the purpose in your life. o ***************************************************** o All members of The Vocabulary Project are invited to enroll in our online vocabulary course which begins May 1, 2012. There is no stated for the course, but we ask you to donate what you can to my paypal account (stevetarde@gmail.com) and then email me that you have done so in order that you can be included in future courses or personal instruction. This is based on the same course which marks 40 years of my groundbreaking vocabulary course, first offered in 1972 in New York City. Many of my former students are taking the course again and some of them with their children. This is the first day instructions (you should have received a pre-course email prior to this one with suggested readings in advance of taking course or just review my blog as I often persent course in this format due to the excessive demand on email. • ***************************************** • Steve Tarde’s 40th Anniversary Personal Vocabulary Course • Words 1-3 1. Bucolic What picture comes to mind when you see this word. I see a farmer. No, not Farmer John. If you don’t know it, simple write that you do not know the word. Don’t look it up in the dictionary. Just write DON’T KNOW for now. . 2. Anachronism My picture is Lincoln in a Ferrari. Even Lincoln in a Limcoln would have worked, but I think you get the picture. Remember, if you don’t know the word, simply write you are unfamiliar with it and move on. 3. Masticate My picture is APPLE (from the Monica story). Can you see why? Let’s take a break with a question. Is every word you come across a word required in your personal vocabulary? What is your criteria for determining whether you should learn a word or let it pass? Did you know that one of my students went on to become one of the leaders of the most successful corporation in American history? END OF LESSON ONE WORDS 1-3

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