Monday, April 30, 2012


The entire Vocabulary course will be posted on this blog tomorrow, May 1. Want to work with me and change lives in America beginning with yours? I suggest you read ahead 3 words at a time because that will be my pace. Let your friends know I can still fit them into this course if they mention your name and email me at When Chelsea was murdered, Lizzie became involved. When her Dad was mugged, Lizzie became scared. After he died, Lizzie started a movement. It all started with her. 1. I suggest that you read three words at a time and bookmark the blog page to keep your place. Reading ahead might only confuse you as my comments will be keeping pace with 3 words daily. 2. This is a Law of attraction course as well. I am teaching vocabulary (as I have for 40 years) but so much more to change your life. 3. If you like what you are reading, add your friends to our new Facebook group 100 Words to a Million 4. If you love what you are reading, keep in mind that it has been my goal for 40 years to spread this power and thanks to you, 2012 will be my best year yet. Can you help (if you haven’t previously) by adding a tuition fee which you can afford to my paypal account at 5. You can make a lot of money becoming one of my National Directors and spreading the power of Gift To My Dad (Amazon). If you haven’t read your copy yet, what are you waiting for? 6. I have had some requests from Deerborne (1978-82) students as to what was the Literature I taught from. That would be Nobel Parade (available from Amazon), edited by Professor Helen McDonnell My name is Steve Tarde and I am definitely comfortable in my own skin. I teach others to do the same and the old clock on the wall says 40 years of that. I am helping Maria of Arizona now break the stranglehold the restaurant business has on her life. But don’t let me brag about what I am doing for her like I have for thousands. Write her yourself and ask away. Email me at and I will forward to her, Like me, she gets back to everyone. Is she didn’t, I would send her back to the kitchen. o I would suggest you take the vocabulary course described in my blog. I know you like my writing. Don't you want to make money at it? I have been doing this for 40 years. Paypal $100 to me at and then I will teach you the course and start making money for you now! I have been an entrepreneur for 40 years since I was 22. I have a BA, MBA and CPA and independent Doctorate. If I can’t teach you how to make money, no one can. Read my blog at and you tell me if you have ever come across anyone like me before. I know that answer. You haven’t. Email me at and I will have you contact one of my students who will be making money with me next month. Are you ready to change your life and the lives of others or are you still going to pathetically peddle products? o Great call and thank you for compliment. I am a high energy person and ver passionate about life. Let me bring you into that light. Start posting on Facebook and Twitter that you have found someone and something special in your life. Direct them to my blog. Follow up. Have them join you in the vocabulaty online course and have then paypal me $100. Sign up 50 people and make $2,000. JUst for taking my course. Easiest money you will ever make and then as you succeed, I will add more. o I have taught for 40 years and if you are looking for someone to blow sunshine up your, well, I won’t do it. I will push you to make money because most people have no idea. Go to my blog at take my 40th year anniversary legendary vocabulary online course with me. For a modest fee, you will have the chance to change lives starting with your own. And one more favor, if you are on my page for business purposes and don’t want to back my work, take my courses, etc., UNFRIEND me NOW! I can take it. I insist. My friends know already that I am a pain in the caboose and most are in it for the long haul. I keep them around because they went to school with me but you don’t have the benefit of that excuse. I need your space. I am here to change lives, not watch you ignore my superior writing and teaching and kick tires like we are waiting for the Carfax in a used car lot. Do we understand each other? If you have a question and it is a good one, email me at I am glad that you finally see a place for you emerging. I can include you in profits now if you want to ask your friends to take the online vocabulary course. It’s being priced low at $100 (paypal) you will get 35-50% Just send them to my blog and tell them that after they take the course and I know you believe in it, I will show them how to sell me to other students and they can actually start making money (and you will make even more) If you wait for the pepper spray caper, you are ignoring the fact that I am paying people to do this now and they are not as big as fans as you are. Questions? Here is why my students make money with me: 1. My Vocabulary Course is $100 and I give my student ten times that back 2. My students can ask me anything by email now and for a lifetime 3. Read my stuff on my blog at My students respect my talent as a writer and they want to do what I do 4. All they have to do is have their referral register for the vocabulary course by going to my paypal account at and they get paid. 5. They love inspiring others as I write about in my stories and they want to write similar stories someday (and I will help them do it) Just tell your friends to sign up for my 40th anniversary online vocabulary course which begins Tuesday for the whole month of May and when I get paid the modest tuition, you get paid over and over again! In 1972, I was 22 years old and the school I was assigned to, IS 84 in the South Bronx was brand new. The kids came to school to get warm. The Bored (sic) of Education had no idea how to educate them and 40 years later, they still don’t. I do.

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