Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When Do You Visualize?

Today, in honor of my 40th year of teaching the power of visualization to students worldwide, I offer some random thoughts.

When do you visualize?

All the time.

At first, I teach my students to choose a quiet place where there will be no interruption.

That is why just before going to sleep is an excellent time, as well as when you first wake in the morning.

As you become a more advanced VISUALIZER, your ability in visualizing at different periods of the day will make a greater impact on your life.

How do you visualize?

As with life, we all have to make our own way.

I like to visualize at night by making a mental movie of a sports scene.

I might be playing basketball, baseball, pitching in a ball game or taking batting practice in a Major League stadium.

The point is I am putting the day behind me and I am flooding my mind with relaxing thoughts in order for me to invite refreshing and renewing sleep.

I suggest to my students that they begin with this very simple goal.

Use your power to visualize as a tool for relaxation.

Then as your ability grows, begin to take your power to visualize to other applications.

Email me at stevetarde@yahoo.com and we will create a visualization program for you.

As an email VISUALIZER student of mine, I will guide you.

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