Friday, May 14, 2010

A Moment Like This!

Such powerful feelings are flowing through me at this time in my life.

If you go back a month on my blog (April 19), you will read my lowest of lows, how I dealt with the end of my 32 year marriage.

Today, is one of the highest of highs.

The publication of my newest book GIFT TO MY DAD, which is flying off the charts at Amazon.

The special purchasing link will be on my Facebook page by noon EDT today!

The book is another breakthrough in my life as it is my greatest message yet in a lifetime dedicated to spreading the power of visualization.

This book, about the troubled 50 year relationship I had with my Dad, became the conduit I needed to share how visualization can change your life as it did mine.

The story came to me in a baseball fantasy.

Hundreds of sons have confided in me that they were reunited with their Dads after giving them GIFT.

That is the wisdom of GIFT.

It is not just for Dad.

It is for you.

And here is the greatest GIFT of all.

I am looking for some very key partners who would like to spread the teachings of GIFT and its power of visualization to a waiting audience.

If you have the spirit of a true entrepreneur, are willing to work hard with me and my team and want to be part of not just a book, but an American phenomenon, call Paula Aaron Rose ASAP at 404-394-8827.

If I choose to work with you, you can set yourself up as a partner and even co-host a book signing and performance of my one man show based on GIFT.

GIFT TO MY DAD, the one man show, comes to San Diego on Fathers Day, June 20.

A Moment Like This.

But you don't have to only read about it.

You can live it.

With me and my very special Visualizers.

And 2010 will be your moment.

It is waiting to happen.

It is destined to be.

It is all waiting for you.

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