Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your ebook Can Change Your LIfe!

When I wrote FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF in 1982, my life changed.

Speaking engagements were offered, books were distributed to the audience and were pushed back at me for signature.

The book opened doors and my motivational speaking business prospered.

It was as exactly how I visualized.

I lived off the surge of business to FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF for years to come.

IN the past year, I completed GIFT TO MY DAD.

GIFT is based on our often rocky 50 year relationship.

I needed this book to do for me what FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF had done in changing my life 30 years earlier.

I had reached a time in my life where once again I was driven to make money and the advance of years made me wonder if I was running out of time.

I had no idea that GIFT TO MY DAD would become equal to the success of FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF.

Instead, an amazing thing happened.

GIFT TO MY DAD took off like a rocket ship and in retrospect, it was all due to one phenomenon.

The universal appeal of the Internet and the new kid on the Internet Highway, social media sites, especially the tipping point of Facebook, started by a Harvard dropout earlier in the decade.

Within months, GIFT TO MY DAD became a hot selling ebook, read by thousands.

The literary agent who wouldn't return my calls, was suddenly jetting to New York City and chatting up GIFT to potential publishing houses.

Investors approached me to consider doing a one man show based on GIFT TO MY DAD.

Previews are to begin in San Diego, California this Summer.

Talented contacts started to reach me from all over the world with offers for mt to bring the one man show GIFT TO MY DAD to their business or private membership group.

TV and radio wanted to visit.

I wrote a letter to the editor and it was instantly published.

It seemed to me that I had released this one ebook into the universe and my needs were being addressed as if the book was a marketing machine.

Then the requests came in about that marketing machine I had created.

Readers and fans asked me to help them create their own ebook to duplicate the earthquake of activity that had occurred in my personal and business life.

Do you have an ebook in you?

I bet you do.

The right ebook can become your personal marketing machine.

Just as it did for me.

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