Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I want my Wise Potato Chips!

I recall this famous line from the movies:

It went something like this

You can't compare New York and Los Angeles.

New York has hundreds of years of layers of culture.

LA just got Thomas's English Muffins two years ago.

It was either Neil Simon or Woody Allen, two funny men who have made me laugh a lot more than Steve Carell.

The line has greater meaning to those who have left the food choices of the New York area for the love affair some of us carry on for California.

We must admit we made our sojourn and paid a heavy price for our abandonment of the Empire State.

We gave up the right to eat the foods we took for granted so many years.

For me, I spent 27 years in the cold, nastiness and grayness of New York.

What do I miss most?

The food you idiot.

You can still walk into a fine Italian restaurant in San Diego and have a waiter look at you as if you have lost your mind when you order clams casino.

There is no gambling in this restaurant.

Yes, I know, Very funny.

But why no clams casino?

Why no baked clams as I enjoyed them at Borellis on Hempstead Turnpike?

My-T-Fine chocolate pudding?

Wise Potato Chips?

Mallomar Cookies?

Do I have to go on?

What's the good in living in paradise when you find out that Paradise serves no real food?

I once found Wise Potato Chips as far west as El Paso.

The saga of this salty killer chip is like those brave settlers who almost made it to California, but couldn't make the final several hundred miles.

Coincidentally, my classic 1981 Camaro Z 28 also got as far as El Paso before blowing its engine.

I believe my Z is still in El Paso and my then 16 year old son and his inheritance have never forgiven me for my treason.

I recall my mom stirring a thick My-t-Fine chocolate pudding with a wooden spoon and calling me over to taste the delicious chocolate drug.

Life might have become better through the years.

But never, never the food!

I have it all in California.

I can even see the Yankees play every night without having to manage the Major Deegan.

And like Thomas English Muffins, we even got the Palm Restaurant a few years back.

But Mallomars, Wise Potato Chips, My-T-Fine Chocolate Pudding?

Is there no justice in this cruel world of ours?

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Barbara said...

Hey Steve, as a Brooklyn girl, I have to laugh at this......I lived in France for 4 years...can't complain about the food over there..but pizza, bagels and Chinese food were really not something you ordered in France!!! But you do have all that sun....... :)