Tuesday, February 09, 2010


If you checked my posts before the SB, you would have read that there was one variable bettors might miss out on.

Drew Brees and his quest to be a better QB!

You see, Drew Brees knew he had limitations as a QB.

Almost immediately, he went to work on them.

He began to study the mental game.

Brees realized thet he didn't have the size of Brady and Big Ben.

He didn't have the QB genes of the Manning brothers.

What he had was an ability to become the most confident QB on the field.

And today, Manning and Manning and Brres have one thing in common.

They all have exactly the same number of SB championships.

That would be one.

One and counting.

Never count out the Mental Game.

On Sunday, the power of Drew Brees' mind was too much for the Colts.

How is your Mental Game?

Write for a free analysis.

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