Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dome, Dumber and Winter Baseball!

Have you been watching the baseball playoffs?

I hope you had more than a Snuggie if you were watching live in Colorado.

Temperatures were in the 30's.

That's not baseball.

That is ludicrous.

And just one more instance of why Bud Selig, the man who made sure we had no World Series in 1994 and an All Star game that ended in a tie is a mixture of visionary (he invented the concept of playoffs) and a fool.

Consider this.

The Metrodome, the outgoing home for the Minnesota Twins (by the way, no set of twins have ever played for the Twins) was the recent site of the Yankees-Twins Series won by the Yankees.

The game in Minnesota was played indoors and it is a good thing. Miserable weather in the Twin Cities would have made this game and the playoff game earlier that week against the Tigers unplayable.

And what does the Twins and management do?

They build a new stadium outdoors.

The next time you see the Twins playing home games in October expect delays. Minnesota and October baseball don't mix.

And yet a solution was always available.

Parks in Phoenix, Seattle, Houston and Milwaukee were built with retractable roofs.

What a concept!

You get the best of weather when it is fresh and fun and yet you protect the fans and players from horrid conditions and the games are played on schedule.

You play 162 games to get to the most important games of the season.

Why play them at all if they are not going to be played in the best possible conditions.

I played baseball in high school in New York in March.

I wore an overcoat on the bench.

When I took off my coat to pinch hit late in the game, I felt like I was nude.

The last thing I wanted to do was walk to the plate.

What had happened to my clothes?

Possibilities for similar conditions exist in Philadelphia and New York in the upcoming league championship series.

Both of these franchises make mega bucks.

Both have moved into new stadiums.

No roofs!


To save 20% on construction costs?

I don't buy it.

If you are going to extend the season to November as this year World Series is scheduled to do, make sure the games are played on time and the game is baseball.

Games in frigid conditions are just dumb.

What is your opinion?

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