Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Why I Coach!

Welcome to September.

During the month, I will be introducing techniques to my coaching students.

If you have any questions, I suggest you email me


I will answer privately and your question might be chosen for the blog as well.

I coach those who want to achieve goals in life.

I coach those who want to become coaches.

The foundation of my coaching is my many years in the field of visualization.

No matter what your goal, you can begin working towards it tonight.

This is an exercise I teach others to do each night before they go to sleep,

As you close your eyes, let all of your thoughts disappear.

Concentrate on a goal you have been thinking about.

Begin to create images of the goal as if you were creating a movie in your mind.

Don't worry about completing the movie.

Focus on creating it.

Develop images which will enhance your movie.

If your movie began tonight, what would it be about?

Share it with me and ask me any questions if you have trouble getting started.

This is the movie of the rest of your life.

It has the ability to create a powerful thinking technique, decision making vehicle and source of attraction.

I call it going to the MOVIES.

You will call it a life changing concept.

And the journey begins tonight.

Come back soon and see where it will take you.

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