Monday, August 31, 2009

Before You Choose A Speaking Coach....

What will they do for you?

Will they teach you how to engage your audience?

Will they connect with you frequently enough to help you achieve your speaking goals?

What are such goals and have you written them down?

Some of the goals of my speaking students over the years are as follows:

1) To become an eloquent speaker

2) To speak extemporaneously and not from prepared notes or cards

3) To make my audience laugh and care what I am speaking about

4) To motivate my audience to take action

5) To have my audience like me

6) To make money from my speaking

What are your goals?

Write them down.

I invite all future speaking students to send them along to me.

I will share my opinion with you how your goals can be reached.

It starts with a single email.

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