Thursday, September 03, 2009

Walter's MOVIE

Dear Steve:

You spoke to about 500 Network Marketers a few weeks back and I was in the group.

I expected the same motivation I have seen hundreds of times, but you really taught us something that morning and I was driven to write this note to you.

Your MOVIES technique is great and the applications for business, decision making, kids education, etc are priceless.

I want to share with you my MOVIE about my golf game and how you have helped me to be a better player.

As you teach, my MOVIE began at night in bed.

I began to see myself hitting approach shots to the green.

That is the most difficult part of my game and yet, while I was creating this MOVIE in my mind, it was very relaxing and it seemed the most natural thing I could ever do.

Steve, not only have you hit upon something that improved my mental game on the course, I also fall asleep faster every night!

Anyway, I repeated the scene every night for several days.

One day on the tricky 11th hole at my club, I was thinking about how to play a shot and I realized that I had played the same shot before.

That was odd because even though I had played that same course hundreds of times, I had no recall of ever being at this exact spot.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I realized that I had played the same shot before.


Not just once, but dozens of times.

Suddenly, I realized why the power of MOVIES was as potent as you so described.

You shared with us that Tiger Woods thinks in MOVIES as did several greats before him.

Now, because I filmed my own MOVIES, I knew you were right.

That's what gave them the mental edge.

Now, I have it.

I look forward to hearing you speak and teach again soon.

I am ready to take my MOVIES in many different directions.

It's a whole new way of thinking for me.

And you opened the door.

Thank you.

Walter J.
Anaheim, California

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