Friday, September 04, 2009

Is Anyone Reading Your Posts?

Why are you writing your posts?

Do you want to attract readers?

If you are trying to build a business on social networks, the content of your posts will be the difference between new prospects and complete silence.

When a client hires me to help them add power, boldness and magic to their writing, my fees have scared away only the most intrepid.

My new MASTERMIND group will make it possible for a new group of writing students to work with me and receive instant feedback on their posts.

Whether you are tweeting, status updating, posing questions, blogging, promoting a book, etc, you will want to be part of our MASTERMIND group.

Right now, there are spaces open, but the group is filling fast.

Collectively, we will be posting, commenting and I will be providing my commentary to making your posts more powerful than ever before.

I have been teaching powerful writing skills for three decades.

Up to now, I have had to maintain top dollar coaching fees for my students.

Now, with social networking sites making it easier and faster for me to give feedback to my writing students, I can make my coaching available to a wider base of students.

Together, we will make a strong presence on the Internet.

Email me today to know what you need to do to be admitted to our MASTERMIND group.

And follow my blog for updates.

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