Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Dobson's Burger

I must have first visited Dobson's in the San Diego Gaslamp before there was such thing as Gaslamp.

People still shake their heads when I give them that one. Before thee Gaslamp? How old is this guy.

But not too long ago there was a Horton Plaza and a city going down the drain. Before it could vanish, Gaslamp was born. Dobson's survived as well.

Chef Martin asked me to come by once more. If you sneak a peek at Chef martin's bio on the Dobson's website, you would think this guy would have little time for a moemoirist who wrote about burgers.

Fact is the chef wears many hats and one of them is a gracious host. He just might greet you and your party when you enter the restaurant. He will be the one with a big smile.

I wasn't there for the frills. Just give me the Dobson's burger and Caesar Salad.

If that impresses me, I will be driven to write about you. If you taste more like Burger King, I will write about that too.

The salad was delicious and two ample sized anchovies joined the salad perched on an island on the western edge of my fancy plate.

I was in heaven but wait, there was more!

The helpful Dobson's waiter was bringing me my piping hot burger. Two big patties!

Tres bien!

Dobson's reminds me of a crowded New York city townhouse with a bustling bar at the entry and a cavern of rooms heading in all directions where you can dine per your mood of the day.

All you need to know is this.

I love the Dobson's Burger.

You will too!

Write me if I am wrong or better yet just bring it to the attention of Chef martin.

He will make it right!


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