Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Visit to Hillcrest Sandwich Shop

Most of my visits to san Diego restaurants I don't bother to read much about them online.

I trust my own mind and like to make my own observations.

I visit Hillcrest all the time but somehow I had not come across this little stop called Hillcrest Sandwich..

After all, I was a regular at Bronx Pizza and had seen dozens of movies at Mark Cuban's Landmark Theatre. Somehow Hillcrest Sandwich had been overlooked.

Here was my chance on a sultry Saturday late morning. I looked up on 5th Avenue and there it was.

Truth told I had been looking for a replacement sandwich eatery ever since my old favorite, The District  on Market Street suddenly vanished before my eyes.

This will happen in San Diego. One day you are eating a juicy burger or delectable sandwich and the next day you pass by and the doors are locked and the signs are down.

Whatever happened to Smashburger on Market?

But I digress.

Point is that I was on the prowl for a new sandwich eatery and here was Hillcrest Sandwich. Might it be a match made in sandwich heaven?

My son the CEO told me his firm often ordered from Hillcrest Sandwich and they loved the food!

I wasn't convinced.

I must admit the first thing that caught my eye was the choice of sandwich breads. These were serious players. It seemed that you could order your sandwich on just about anything, including my favorite, the trusted onion roll.

Now for the choice of meat. I selected roast beef and it was heavenly. I added a slice of provolone and the portion was large!

Did I mention the pickle?

There is nothing that tops off a sandwich like a good pickle and when you see the size of the pickles at this little habitat, you will be coming back just for this delight.

I did sneak a peek at their Facebook Page. You come away from their page with the impression that everyone found the staff and the management to be like family.

This is true.

So I have a new secret sandwich spot.

And I hope it won't remain secret much longer.

But you won't tell anyone.

Will you?

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