Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time Travel Club

Most writers and social media stars know I am always inspiring new writers to dig deep and engage with others.

Now comes Time Travel Club where you can join us writing memoir or time travel, develop an audience, engage with those who can improve or promote your writing and even get paid while Time Travel grows.

Here is how it works. You join Time Travel by sending a one time $100 membership fee to my account at Paypal.

You will receive a membership number via return mail.

All new members will receive your email so they can share their stories with you.

Some amazing relationships have begun in just this way.

If you choose, you can participate in building Time Travel and getting paid for it!

Promote us on your social media sites and include your new membership number in your invitation. New members will need an invite number to join.

When they join, you will be paid 1/3 the current membership fee. It will be posted directly to your Paypal.

Simple enough for you?

We look forward to your membership.

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