Monday, May 23, 2016

What is the Purpose of Your Life?

I have a new Facebook Friend. It is someone who I will call Nancy because that is her name. Nancy is a legendary speaker agent from the Midwest who has semi-retired with hubby Bill to sunny and very hot Arizona. I kid (who's kidding) her that at 66 she will help me become a national phenomenon because she has promotional gifts that can help me find a larger audience. So what do I really want? Certainly not unlimited travel--although I would like to pick and choose. I have given up plenty to live 35 years in paradise and am not seeking to be an airline commuter at 66. However if I want to become a Baby Boomer phenomenon--the Boomer who is leading fellow Boomers to search for their 2nd, 3rd and whatever acts in life--I must not be reluctant to be drawn to the flame of fame. From the time I was 10--I was ready for this moment. Growing up with the warden I was so bottled up with my emotions that I could cry on cue better than a TV Soap Opera queen. One day my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Wexler saw me perform a skit in front of our class and ordered me to go next door to Miss Torpey's 5th grade class and perform the same ditty. Happily I skipped all the way into her classroom and interrupted her routine to introduce my skit. She threw me out on my ear. Tears! A watershed of tears and that happened each time I faced confrontation. As my house arrest ended and I headed off to college I could feel a change in my body. Independence was calling me. No longer would I settle for being a passenger in life. I would be the driver! Ten years later when I walked into the office of one of the most powerful CPA's in America and told him he could take his job and shove it, I was crying no more! The fact that I can add a 128 year old legendary American baseball character like Casey at the bat to my story only makes my message sweeter. For what is man--what has he got? If not himself, then he is not. I see millions of Baby Boomers sharing this message with me. They started with me (1946-1964) and we will take the final journey together. Casey started with me as well. From the time I was 10 back in Mrs. Wexler's class at Birchwood School I discovered I could make classmates laugh! I brought my laughter to my high school Walt Whitman in Melville and by then casey had started following me everywhere I went. Today, 50 years and counting, Casey and I are still linked. Want to see us perform on Fox Television? In 1982 when I wrote Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself I was a 32 year old CPA looking for my own way out of what I saw as a dreary lifestyle. Yes, by then I had the girl, I was on my way to finding the matchless climate, but I was still waking up in the morning and depressed that the hours ahead were not the hours I would spend if I was calling the shots. I figured writing Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself 1982 would be my ticket to freedom. In many ways I was right. The book brought me to San Diego and miles ahead on my journey to discover what really was the purpose of my life. Regrets? I've had a few but then again too few to mention. A famous La Jolla literary agent who also represented a New York Times best selling author signed me and then dumped me. A not so famous San Francisco husband and wife literary agency signed me and annoyed me so much in our back and forth--that I dumped them! But through it all when there was doubt--I ate it up and spit it out! So this is a journey! My journey! Along the way I hope I motivate you to climb aboard the Baby Boomers Express train heading to---well that's exactly the question. We don't know where we are going--but we'll tell you when we get there. Let's make it happen, Nancy! Steve Tarde 12/29/49 This would be such a great place to love if it wasn't for the people! Take my LQ What is the Purpose of your Life Quiz by emailing me at

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