Friday, May 27, 2016

Trolley Cop

She looks like she is a month away from retirement. What will be her Chapter Two I wonder? Maybe I should start walking around with new copies of my book What is Your Life Purpose in hand to give out to new readers! She has a kind of trolley cop swagger if you know what I mean. I swear I saw her wearing a short sleeve dark blue regulation trolley cop uniform recently. Lately, the weather has been unseasonably cool in paradise and now she adorns long sleeves religiously. She won't check passes. Not her! She leaves that to underlings, apparently. She is more intent on walking from one end of the trolley station to the next. What does she do exactly? I am still working on that answer. I believe she is in charge of observation. Once I saw her amble up to an ensuing altercation. She took immediate action. She called the SDPD and waited for them to arrive on the scene. This lady ain't no dummy! She is no bathing beauty. If she was in one of my earlier pieces I would have assigned her a full fictitious name such as Tracy Trolley. But since I associate the name Tracy with hot women I have known in my life, I must substitute Trudy Trolley instead. Now that I have more women groups hating me just like the Trump candidacy maybe I should quit while I am ahead--or behind for that matter. Wait a minute! Trudy Trolley is staring me down as I write! She is heading my way for a conveyance confrontation. She demands my pass. I open my authentic Peterman baseball leather glove wallet and show her a picture of a very old man wearing a bucket hat. She doesn't seem amused. However, she nods at the ID. The picture is me. I ask her a question. "How long have you been a trolley cop?" She smiles. It was the first time I had seen her teeth in more than a dozen observations. She will have to wait longer to see mine. "A few months." She eventually answers. A few months? What about retirement? I need more work on my observations. But now I need a nap.

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