Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Coming Home Again

My body is in 2016 but my mind takes me back to the night of June 3 1888. I slept in the park that night. I was despondent. I was ready to take my life. I asked a derelict what this park was called. He told me that it was names after the old man. Horton Plaza Park. I must have thanked him because I gave him my MUDVILLE uniform in appreciation. I didn't need it any longer. I was checking out. I woke up in a fountain. Now I am standing in front of that fountain 128 years later. The mayor of San Diego is dedicating this park all over again. I look across the boulevard. Mr. Grant's hotel is as stately as the day I moved in. I guess you will have to hear the whole story how Casey striking out in Mudville brought me to San Diego. That's why I wrote the play. Casey at the Bat Comes Home. I hope you like it. Look for it on stage in 2017. And don't stay mad at Casey. Good things happen to people who keep trying. At almost 128 years old, I am living proof! Steve Tarde wrote Casey at the Bat Comes Home It is the only theatrical play ever written after the June 3 1888 introduction of Casey at the Bat in that day's editions of The San Francisco examiner. It opens in San Diego in January 2017

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