Saturday, April 23, 2016

Coming in May--Follow the San Diego entrepreneur who makes The District on Market the finest sandwich shop in the area. From my new play Casey at the Bat Comes Home which opens in San Diego in 2017. !. Replace Sugar soda In my 35 years studying and teaching visualization, perfect weight is almost impossible when addicted to a sugar soda such as Coke or something similar. You must visualize ending the dependency. I define addiction here as the sugar soda beverage being used as your main fluid. After my kidney removal 2 years ago, I finally dropped Coke (a habit I had become attached to over 35 years) and replaced it with Brisk Fruit Punch (available nationally). Within 30-45 days I was at my perfect weight. I had a new hydrating drink and here 2 years later I remain at perfect weight capable of enough energy to live 20 hour days effortlessly.

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