Saturday, March 05, 2016

Life Isn't About Finding Yourself

Do you believe if you can change your story you can change your life? Over one million people have written me to help them change their story. By mentoring them to change their story I help them change their life. I am always looking for bright minds to help me to rewrite life stories. My unique business which has directed my life for over 50 years, makes me the most interesting CPA in the world. Of course I always have a waiting list of clients! That brings me back to you! Clients pay me top dollar fees to change their personal and business stories! If you have extensive social media contacts you may be able to partner with me instantly and share at once in my lucrative compensation. But even if your social media contacts are no deep, I still may be interested in partnering with you if and only if you are willing to invest in my sales leads of those who have written me for help. As you might imagine no CPA or anyone else for that matter does what I do. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. I receive requests on a regular basis. Please be patient. At this point your most important question is whether you have a wide enough contact list for me to seek a partnership. On the other hand, your willingness and speed in purchasing leads from me would mean you can start partnering with me regardless. Follow me on Twitter (@stevetarde) or Facebook ( My book Gift to My Dad (Amazon) shares one of my secrets to master changing your story or teaching others to change theirs. Catch me on FOX TV performing my Casey at the Bat gig ( Do you want to join me in changing lives all over the world mastering a talent which will change the rest of your own life? Tell me more starting with how soon you can start! Steve

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