Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Love Writers!

I love writers! Perhaps that is why this month I am offering an opportunity to study mentoring with me at a mere $25 (while spaces last). My paypal is Writers make the greatest mentors. And they always need money. So in this small way I can give back to them by showing them how they can do good with their unique writing and conversational talents and make a few bucks as well as online teachers. And all the while they retain their anonymity. Writers love that more than anything. So what about the dunderhead who lambasts me as listing this as a gig when it ain't no gig at all? Go ahead. Like one recalcitrant referred to me. "He's a cockroach. He keeps coming back. So Black Flag me and see if this claim is valid. Or become one of my March students and start making money with me tomorrow. Make sure you email me your phone as well. I will send you a confirmation text. And life will be sweeter tomorrow. And you can take that to the bank!

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