Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Very Private Letter

This likely is the most private letter I have written in my 66 years. Grown up on the power of attraction and teaching that power for decades to audiences all over America, I feel that as we are on the dawn of still another baseball season, this was a letter which I needed to get out of me. So here it goes. Most of you know me as a funny man, motivator, writer, teacher, etc. There is more to it. Some of you met me in the late 70's and early 80's when Castro was letting the loonies out of the bin and your mom and dad were working 3 jobs to keep you in the private school in Coral Gables, Florida where you studied vocabulary and Nobel Prize winning authors in my one of a kind classroom. In the past week, those memories stirred a hornet's nest in Miami and in Obama's kitchen. So many of us have a special bond. This is a request for your loyalty. A request for backing. Indications are that I am about to make a breakthrough with my comedy and step forward as a comic voice to the explosive baby boomer generation of which I am a charter (1949) member. You can seen some of my comedy on Fox television by going to and locating the Casey at the Bat 8 minute video posted by the San Diego Padres National league Baseball club. If I make you fall down laughing, read on. If I bore you to death, drop me as a Facebook friend. Very soon, I will need the room. Facts are fluid but I have been approached to do Senior shows across America. I live in San Diego (I call paradise) and am 66 years old. That was the age that killed Gary this week, so I don't have 2 bags packed. I do expect to plunge head first into the comedy business for the first time in my life. And for all the stops and starts, we keep coming back to these 2 hearts. Will you help me today in my journey? Can you paypal me $25? $100 More? paypal is I will explain why It is your choice to determine the participation and the amount. Some will send $25. Some will send s great deal more. Many will laugh and send nothing. I am a CPA with a n MBA and a brain. I am aware of all this. It is the uniqueness of my story which makes me bold enough, maybe crazy enough would be a more appropriate word--to ask. You see I have a lot of fans who love me and have shown me love in my 66 years and I am hopeful I can count on them today. I am so close, have come so far and now, for the first time, turn to my friends and followers to help me get over the Finish Line. Why now? Why today? As I have said. I am asking you to paypal me tonight because tomorrow begins the most exciting 7 day period of my life. As indicated, the baseball season opens next Sunday and teams are calling for a Casey gig. That is fine but that is not special. What is special is that I have attracted the eyes of a powerful performance agent and they believe that I can become a phenomenon in the Baby Boomer tsunami which is getting modest press attention, but after the election ends, will take over the media. My comedy and inspiration is at the heart of this movement which will make American history. It will be that history and me personally who you will be helping. And here is my promise to you. I will personally return every cent. This is not a gift. This is support. You support me and true to the loyalty which guides my life, I will get the money back to you. You will be able to follow my career right here and read about the trip I am taking. In 2014 I lost my right kidney when kidney stones and an infected abscess led to renal failure. It almost killed me. I survived and now am in the best shape of my life. As many of you know who have read about me here (this blog goes back 10 years with tens of thousands of views) or read my Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself in 1982 and/or Gift to My Dad (Amazon) in 2010, I have had quite a life. The problem is Robert Frost took a direction and lived with it. I seem to go around in circles. Sinatra sung that he was a poet, a pirate, a pawn and a king. I was a teacher, CPA, teacher again, writer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, comedian. What was I? And now this. Maybe the opportunity of my life and I need to challenge my true followers and I am hopeful you will come through for me. As my daughter Lindsey would say, dad there is a typo in paragraph 14. I beg your forgiveness. This is an emotional writing for me and proofing isn't my thing. Regis put it best. I am only one man! Will you go to my paypal tonight and show me your support. I will be thankful no matter what you decide to give. In the next week, I will begin to appear on TV both as Casey at the Bat and in a brand new comedy format to entertain and inspire Seniors. It will be my best work to date and I want to go into it with a little reserve which my roller coaster life has not provided. My story will be published in a new memoir as this story is told. You will be part of that story. What about my mentoring students? No change there. I love my students! I have been mentoring students for 50 years. It's just that I won't be taking on many new students. I will be performing, writing, traveling and entertaining my Baby Boomer friends and writing about my experiences. And when you finish your day and come home to your screen for a moment of quiet and maybe a glass of wine, you can read about my travels. Why not? You made it happen. You can expect that I will update at least three times a week as I develop material for the book. Video will be posted and I will share the links. My Facebook page will change and I will drop non supporters and add new friends. And so it goes. It reminds me of a lady and big fan from Tennessee. Her name is Jencie. Jencie always wishes me happy birthday on December 29 of each year. By the way it was on my 64th birthday that I became Septic and almost died. On this birthday, maybe it was #62 or 63, Jencie wrote in a Facebook message that she had no money for a real gift and she felt bad about that. But she had a 100 stamps and was sending them which she did. I used those stamps over the past 3 years and each time I decided to use one, I thought of Jencie Jencie, I still think of you! Can't wait until I see you backstage someday soon. It is those like Jencie and all the many fans and followers I have out there who will reach in their pocket and send me what they can. They will send me their stamps. Well, maybe not stamps, but you get the reference. My paypal is This is the greatest journey of my life. I am at it 20 hours a day. Those who get texts from me at 4AM in California know this to be fact! Sorry, sis! I ask for only one paypal. I ask for your belief in me. I won't let you down. My paypal is Steve March 27, 2015 one week before the 2016 Baseball season begins A Very Private Letter

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