Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Advice Business 2016

I mentor millions! Our initial contact is via email at I have attracted many writers over the years who love how I involve writers in my mentoring project. I seek writers who want to join me as social media writers or partners. Social media writers help me get out my email address to advice seekers worldwide. People write in asking how they can use their writing skills to secure jobs and every possible question you can imagine and man that you can't. As a CPA I invented the online email advice business and it remains a cash flow bonanza for me 40 years later! If you want to be a partner, I have a shortcut especially for you. Partners in most cases make a modest investment in my email blasting techniques and share the bounty and help me answer emails. You can join as a writer or writer/partner. However, only those seeking partner status can jump the line by texting me (no phone calls) at 619-807-8827 in order to get fast details as how I accept new partners. Join me on Twitter and Facebook as well. The advice business has been great for me! I hope it becomes great for you!

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