Saturday, November 07, 2015

35 Years and Counting!

I invented the make money at home movement in America. Unlike most pretenders, as a CPA, I carry a legitimate claim and audience. Each month or whenever I am in the mood, I select a handful of partners to assist me on handling the letters that flood me. What is their question? How can I make money at home like you do? So over the past 35 years I sit in my pajamas or whatever clothing I prefer and correspond and the cash flow flows! So how do you get involved and what are the rewards? You send me a $950 Paypal payment to You don't need a Paypal account to make this payment! Within 7 days, you will be responding to letters with me as my partner and you will need your own paypal account to receive money from our partnership! All fees I collect are split 3 ways. You and I get 1/3 and the final slice goes back into my social media connections which bring me the leads and the letters we profit from. It's the simplest business on earth and you didn't need a CPA to tell you that. Keep in mind that I select only a handful of people each month to work with me. Money talks. Unless you make the payment required, you will never get into the house to play business with me. And what an amazing ride and lifestyle this simple business has provided me! But I just did! If you have any questions, write me at or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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