Thursday, September 03, 2015

Tom Brady and Me

Tom Brady is in the Press these days. His suspension was reversed earlier today by a Federal judge in New York. I am watching ESPN for more Breaking News as they say. There was no such thing as ESPN when I broke in with Mudille. However, this morning I could feel Tom Brady's pain. The Melville Library contacted me regarding an overdue book. Apparently, when my right kidney was removed, I overlooked a book while convalescing. But the fine is outrageous! $23,711.50 is a bit much for one library book. On the other hand, it is 63 years overdue. I contacted Roger Goodell, but he wouldn't touch this hot potato. In fact that is what he said. "Casey, this is a hot potato!" No wonder he is getting so much criticism in his job as the NFL boss. He makes no sense. Steve Tarde is the most unique CPA in America, known for mentoring millions and entertaining audiences with his wild version as seen on TV--Casey at the Bat!

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