Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hall of Fame 2016

Jacci: As you may know by now, I have ceased all activities promoting our Hall of Fame. Ten years was enough! This does not mean from time to time I won't reach out to the powers to be, such as yourself to make some adjustments. I would hope that you realize these are only suggestions and come from the heart of an alum who brought this great legacy to our school and hopes that it continues as long as we bleed maroon and white. I hope you consider my idea put forth in an earlier missive to you, referencing making the HOF a more mentorship like vehicle. In my opinion, mentoring on an organized basis is one thing which is keeping schools from being great. I understand you are acting on one of my last initiatives when I was promoting the HOF on Facebook. That would be the induction of former teacher and Class of 1940 South Huntington alum, Pat DeRosa. Thanks for including him in the Class of 2016. You came through big there! Finally, please consider Richie Minervini for your next HOF class. Richie is the Class of 1974 it is my understanding. Let me tell you a bit about Richie, who lived a few doors from me on Schoenfield lane, quite a famous Block in Wildcat history as it turns out. Richie founded the old East End Comedy House in Huntington (Wildcats as old as this one will recall that was once the Steer Inn Hamburger site) Richie did Standup there as he continues to decades later. What makes him HOF worthy is that he created a venue for famous comedians such as Sandler, James and Rosie to create their famous acts which led them to the celebrity status they enjoy today in America. You see, Jacci, Richie is a fine comedian on his own and has appeared in several movies as well, check his comedy out on You Tube. However, his true genius was in becoming a kingmaker to the extraordinary comic talents of our time. We owe this all to Richie. And it is about time he be honored. Please correct this oversight. You are just the one to make it happen. Please forward your replies to his manager and business partner, Darcy Novick. She can be reached at and please keep me in the loop. I wish you an extraordinary 2015-16 school year and look forward this spring to the HOF Class you and your committee select for the Class of 2016. Steve 619-807-8827 Steve Tarde Class of 1968 Founder Walt Whitman High School Hall of Fame

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