Saturday, August 08, 2015

Is Madison a Moron?

I used to hate Curt Schilling. As a Yankee fan (who could forget the 2001 World Series nightmare or the nightmare revisited in 2004), a bloody sock still makes me sick to my stomach. Today Curt Schilling is my hero. We need a face as a celebrity spokesperson for the horrors brought on by teens using smokeless tobacco on their high school teams. Now we have that face. Curt Schilling's face. So writer Boyce Garrison (San Diego UT) is gathering baseball quotes and lists a few of their comments.D Cubs reliever James Russell, world series hero Madison Bumgarner, White Sox Gordon Beckham and David Robertson, Cubs catcher David Ross and reliever Tommy Hunter. Morons like Russell and Bumgarner say hell with city laws and the fines (San Francisco and Boston). Nobody is going to screw with their personal freedom. This only validates what we already know--most baseball players have reached the Show for their talent not their brains. Apologizes to Will Venable (Padres by way of Princeton) and former Padre Chris Young--also a Princeton grad--and the others I omitted. Let's focus instead on Russell and Madison. Russell's quote: It is not a big issue-0--it's not going to stop me from dipping. or by the big lefty: That he dips out of habit and not for the nicotine buzz. Greet role models for young men who listen to their every word. Tony Gwynn was oddly silent on this issue during his battle which he lost one year ago at the age of 54. Schilling vows to be different. He says this: the pain (treatment) was so great that if I have to do it again--I am not sure I won't consider taking my life--the pain for that bloody sock ankle thing in 2004 on a scale of 1-10 was about a 5--the pain of my cancer from smokeless tobacco was 500! Are you listening morons? Schilling goes on to say: My message to teen boys like myself who made this fatal mistake of sayingyes is this--It is not if you are going to egt sick--it is when! Let me repeat his warning. It is not if you are going to get sick. It is when. Do you still have questions? I do. How stupid is Madison Bumgarner and James Russell? You tell me. ************************** Steve Tarde is the author of Gift to My Dad (Amazon) and has been teaching Mind Movies, a life changing motivational tool for 50 years. Follow him on his blog or catch his comedy at

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