Saturday, July 25, 2015

Putting Ted Williams Head on Will Middlebrooks

It won't work. Believe me the Red Sox tried it. No, they didn't go to Scottsdale and get into that frozen popsicle stuff and try to do a baseball required transplant. But the Red Sox are a strong enough organization not to be conned by the lowly padres and make the mistake of a lifetime delivering the promising infielder and watching him tear up the National League, To quote old man Bush. "Not going to happen. Wouldn't be prudent." In fact, if I was the commissioner of transplanting great baseball heads on poor to average baseball players I might start with the two headed Padres "hitting" coaches Kotsay and Young. Why these losers who have been shit out more times than any team in baseball need 2 hitting coaches when neither can teach hitting is beyond me. Why not just replace them with a two headed baseball legend/ I propose Teddy Ballgame and Steve "I goofed up at the End" Garvey? Will baseball soon see visualization tools which allow a lowly player like Middlebrooks achieve HOF success. It is happening as I write this. Go check out EON sports based in Kansas City for one. Has Middlebrooks used this tool? Ever seen his girlfriend?

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