Friday, July 10, 2015

Dear Dad on His 104th Birthday

Happy Birthday! Isn't it amazing that you and your grandson, my son, Scott, were born on this very day, July 10? You were 66 on that day of his birth and he of course he was zero. Today, you are 104 and I miss you every day (dad died in 2000 at 88) I am happy you missed 9/11. As a former veteran of the FDNY that day would have broken your heart. I am glad you missed my top selling online book in 2010 GIFT TO MY DAD (Amazon). I was tough on you and our rocky relationship. I attacked your coldness. I ripped you for your endless criticism. I was lethal in my words of your lack of fathering skills. Fast forward 18 years to today. I look at my son, who turns 38 today and I see he is a far better man than I. He is more like you. He is honest and dad, I never met a more honest man than you. At 65, I have gained some wisdom. I no longer start conversations about my father by saying how unhappy our relationship was. Instead, I wish I had been smarter. If I had to do it all over again, I would have been a better son. You had a classic Yiddish expression, dad, I remember and pass down all your stories to my children. You used to say---"We grow too soon old and too late shmart." Sign me up for that. I fell into the trap. I love you, dad. Happy Birthday! Your son

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