Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear Best (Worst) Buy--an open letter to editorial

I am considered somewhat of a future thinker with an uncanny talent to predict coming events. Here is my prediction about your business. Best (Worst) Buy will be bankrupt before then end of this decade. I do not use my skills as an MNBA or CPA. I go by two recent transactions during the nine day period July 2-11. From that nine days I had three visits to your store. I will never return. I doubt you can change my mind. But you are invited to try. Here are the facts. I purchased a Galaxy Tablet on July 2 from your La Mesa, California store and received a $20 Best Buy Gift Card as a bonus. Sounds good so far as I went home pleased with my deal. There was one problem. What if you had to make a return and deal with customer service? Customer service is an oxymoron at Best (Worst) Buy. In fact so is the name Best Buy that I have renamed you. I had added $10 to my gift card and settled on a $30 Virgin Mobile Top Up phone card. However, when I played scratch off with the card, the card disintegrated and the card was then worthless. So on July 6, 4 days later, I trudge back to the store and have the misfortune of meeting Kelly, your chief of customer service. She lets me know in no uncertain terms that I defiled the card and Best (Worst) Buy bears no responsibility. She tells me to leave the store or I will be removed. She flashes h3er #1866 and dares me to do something about it. So I did. She was rude, snarky and coming from Australia, I didn't want to share a shrimp on the Bar-B. By the end of the day, I was on the computer writing to Best Buy about their lowly employee---I didn't realize I was only beginning. They immediately sent me an automated email. As of this writing (July 13) they still have not responded to my initial complaint and that was 6 days ago. That's just bad customer service. Do I smell Chapter 11? Which brings me to July 11. I was less than pleased with my Tablet and even more than less pleased with owning anything purchased from this store. I am a keyboard thinker and I care not to text---Back to the store before their 14-15 day refund window closes. This day I am lucky enough to get Savanny. Names are not given and don't appear on receipts--so pardon the spelling. She acts like I was returning Tom Swift's rocket machine. "What's wrong with it?" "Nothing, I don't want it." She is consistent. "But what's wrong with it/" "I said NOTHING---Didn't you just hear me the first time?" Savanny shrugs her shoulders, fiddles with the Galaxy and then walks away--she is gone for ten minutes---I have no idea where she went. When she returns, she begins, rather reluctantly I may add, to process the refund. I had to ask. "Where did you go?" "I had to make sure it worke4d or we can't resell it." I agreed, but couldn't she had told me that before she disappeared? Apparently not--it was consistent with Best (Worst) Buy customer service. In other words--there is none. She finally gives me a receipt and like the mute she was--says nothing. Of course--the refund was $20 short--they had taken back their Gift Card--Well, what did I expect. Money? I had paid cash. "We don't deal with cash in this store. It will be credited back to your Debit Card---in 3-5 days." Target, Wal-Mart, you name it--all the big box stores pay in cash for cash purchases. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like it and I had to drill it out of her like a prosecuting attorney. I will avoid Best (Worst) Buy for the rest of my life. And so should you. So, Mr. or Mrs. Customer Service--I have figured out one way you can still get me back and I think it is fair as I just started sharing this open letter and this is the only way to make me stop. Send me a $1,000 Gift Card. I had my eye4 on a big screen TV and I will sign a waiver if you choose that I will ne4ver return it to customer service. I mean--who in their right mind would want to? Steve .

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