Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walt Whitman High School Alumni Group Summer Tour 2015

We made it.

This is your alumni group and we are putting the final steps to an unprecedented event,

The 75th Reunion of Walt Whitman High School has been set for the weekend of August 8-9.

Bookmark my blog (it all began in 2005) because this and Donna's event page (coming) will be your source of Alumni group news.

The South Huntington-Whitman connection has been graduating Wildcats for 3/4 of a century since 1940.

And that first class has the last man standing from graduation day, 1940.

And on August 8-9 while we honor over 50,000 Wildcats in the most historic graduation ever, Pat DeRosa will take a much deserved bow. And if you sign up for the VIP party he will attend Saturday night, with his equally talented daughter, Patricia, you will meet father and daughter and join them for a night of music only the DeRosa's can pull off.

I have been told by those who were Pat DeRosa's students over the years, some have been waiting for this Reunion for decades, their love for this teacher so strong .

Well, here's your chance to be in his class one more time while he swoons you with his Sax.

Patricia will be singing up a storm, she from the class of 1974.

The magical Donna Crimaudo Smith, Class of 1978 will provide many designs for T-Shirts and other one of a kind merchandise that will keep this weekend in your mind for years to come.

Historic Reunion? Am I lying?

And everyone of the graduates who have been named with their years at Whitman listed will support each other that is exactly why we have the best alumni group ever and I haven't even written year (and I will) about our many administrators who contribute their time to monitor the day to day of a very busy Facebook group.

The weekend starts with friends close to me, the New York Yankees taking on Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium. The alumni will have a limited number of tickets to this classic in the greatest ballpark in America.

You can join us for several events or you can pick and choose. I will write about our classic reunion over the next several months, but by May 31,  events will be planned and closed especially, if we are dealing with limited seating or capacity..

The weekend will end on Sunday, the 9th with an event close to my heart and yours. The 3rd Annual Breast  Cancer Awareness Celebrity Softball Classic with celebrities such as Denny McLain, actress Teri Copley, track star Ann Liguori, baseball personality Gil Hodges, Jr, and watch all the celebs added over the next 90 days (the event to benefit Breast Cancer awareness will have its own Facebook page soon.  And there is that mythical 127 year old man named might Casey at the Bat, who now claims he is not from Mudville, but here in Melville.

All Wildcats will go to the closing Celebrity game in Lake Ronkonkoma by signing up for weekend, no matter how many events they decide on.

Donna will handle all merchandise requests from her well known Huntington store, Soccer Magic.

Everyone knows Donna and everyone loves Donna,

All you have to today is sign up to participate in the historic Whitman weekend with a money back guaranteed deposit of $100.

Paypal the $100 deposit to stevetarde@gmail.com

In the next 18 days or so, you will lock in your order and you will be committed to the events chosen and your $100 deposit will be applied and balance billed.

Contact Donna for any event questions and any she can't answer she will run by me. I am a comedian (or so he claims) with my own busy stand up schedule and the labor of love for Whitman,

Leaving messages for me about problems you are having in general or specifically trying to get into a sold out event, is not something I have time for.

I have found Donna to be a savvy event planner and of course she is honest with an impeccable business relationship in Huntington.

She recently completed our first T-Shirt the maroon colored shirt reading Walt Whitman High School Wildcat Alumni Group.We had over 100 instant orders. That is why i am advising that you take the time to make your deposit today so we can see just how many are going to commit to our Reunion events by the end of the month.

And might I mention that our Facebook page is the fastest alumni group page on Facebook.

And if you think I am exaggerating as the founder of this page a decade ago, ask the hundreds of Wildcats who join me on our page each day.No spam, no bullying, plenty of music (thanks to Music Dean Tom Cottone Class of 1972).

I am giving you plenty of time in your busy life to evaluate It is easier for most of you than me, because I am  from San Diego..

But we have limited events and limited openings in some cases.

Your $100 today paypal to stevetarde@gmail.com secures your spot before we select the rides in this amusement park, this one of a kind Reunion Get Together within a Get Together.

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