Sunday, May 24, 2015


I like to compliment my admins because it is their tenacity in looking out for the odd post and alertng me instantly if we are missing a potential problem

Then there is the admin who is joining my Casey program for many reasons including playinga  role in my worldwide mentoring organization.

And that brings me to Kris. Sometimes someone hits the ball out of the park on their vert first At-Bat in the major leagues,

Intrigued by my 20 hour workdays, Kris set out to match me and she did within a few days.

If you want to bring uour mentoring skills to my superstar team, contact me or Kris or any of those who post from time to time abut who we are and what are our 2015 and 2026 goals,

And maybe if you area s impressive as Kris, i will be writing about you.

Thank you, men and women who protect our country and our American way of life.

Tomorrow is your day

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