Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Top Ten Casey Shows

My Personal List of Top 10 Clients I Have Performed Casey

1. MLB

Having worked for all 30 teams, this remains my favorite since Casey is all about the game. Casey will be 127 years old this year. His birthday is June 3, 1888.

The audiences love Casey at the Bat. My unique version (see my You Tube on San Diego Padres TV by searching Steve Tarde Casey at the Bat).

I first did Casey in my early teens for my teammates in Melville, New York. Note that is Melville, not Mudville. I first heard the thrill of laughter for my many stories and 50 years later I still love making people laugh. Add in a spice of motivation. lessons from my book Gift to My Dad and you can see why MLB and I have a lasting relationship.

In 1985, I hooked up with the Yankees and performed Casey for luminaries like Mickey, Mantle, Whitey Ford, Hank Bauer, Tom Tresh, Bobby Murcer to name a few. To someone like me, who saw his first game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, July 20, 1958 at Yankee Stadium, I had brought Casey to Heaven's gates.

To this day, when people know that I had a relationship with Mickey Mantle they can only shake their heads. What they don't know is that my Casey has been done for thousands and the audience is growing with each passing day. Why? No one has ever performed case the way I do it. Keep in mind, I have been doing it since high school. It is a comedy, it is motivation (see more from my Amazon book Gift to My Dad).

2. NCAA Hoops (men and women), Football, Volleyball

3. NFL

4. Schools

5. Businesses

6.. NBA

I doubt I had Casey in mind, when as a 23 year old, I arrived for a visit to Miami Beach staying at the prestigious Playboy Towers on Collins Avenue before anyone ever heard of South Beach.

While at the bar, invigorated with the aroma of cocktails and ladies, I noticed a man my age staring at me from across the room.

Not into men, I paid him no mind, but he kept staring.

At some point, he said: "Do you think you know who I am?"

It hadn't really occurred to me. I was there for the women and the tan. But as I thought about it his face did ring a bell and then it dawned on me.

I looked under the table to get a look at his legs. How tall was this dude?

It was Pistol Pete Maravich in the flesh. Pistol talking to me. The greatest college basketball player in the history of the game and he was talking to me. If this was what they meant when they were talking about man crush, I was all in.

I fell in with the Pistol crowd. Hugh Hefner joined us and really if a few Kings stopped by that week, It wouldn't have shocked me. I was high on life. In a lifetime where I never dared take a drug, I was addicted. I was touched by stardom and it was heady.

Pete took me aside while fondling a Playboy Playmate as he spoke.

What do you do, he asked me.

Oh, shit. I have to do something. Will that throw me out of the club?

7. NHL

8. Tennis

9. Golf

10.Comedy Showcases/TV/Benefits

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