Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The outlook was dour for this young girl today.
She had been bullied at school and wanted to stay away.
The school had a Melville field trip to attend our game
And she penned me a letter of which I include the same.

Dear Casey: My school is coming to see you play
But when I was told, I said NO WAY!
The girl who bullies me will be on the bus.
And all she does is hit me, bite me and cuss.

I tried to tell the school that this girl is so bad
I tried to tell my mom, we still can't find my dad.
Do you have any advice to a girl who is beginning to lose my will
I have tried so many things-the latest was this little pill

I read her letter with a lump in my throat and a tear slid down my face.
I was paralyzed with anger--it froze me in my place.
I had an idea and told our manager and he connected me to a man
These kids were coming to a ballgame, but we had a plan.

The team set the kids up in a suite, it was really a big deal.
Not just ball park dogs, but a nutritious and savory meal.
Then I came on stage and the kids were the best.it would seem
I told them the team was planning an anti-bullying council and we needed a team

There were many volunteers, even the so called bully wanted to know more
I get paid plenty for playing ball, but that day I was willing to be poor.
I saw how great kids can act when encouraged to show their pride.
My teammates learned from kids what is like to work with those on your side.

That little girl wrote me back in the last week of the season.
I am not writing you this letter for any special reason.
Just to say you probably saved a life---this has become my obsession
and my new best friend--well you might guess her name without my mention.

Oh somewhere in this treasured land the sun is shining bright
And some kids are playing in the snow and somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere bands are playing and somewhere children brag.
And Casey is off to Spring Training with this letter in his bag

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